+ Factory Automation

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ITM’s team provides a full assessment of the production requirements, the product requirements and the associated manufacturing processes needed to provide a fully integrated solution that will provide a prompt return on your investment. Read More

+ Inspection

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A key element to the advancement of automation and technology within manufacturing is the verification of both processes and products during production. ITM is capable of integrating inspection requirements into a turnkey production process. Read More

+ Robotics

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Providing precision, speed, repeatability and flexibility, robotic systems afford a viable solution to current manufacturing demands. ITM has nearly two decades of experience in the application of automation for improved process control and production efficiency. Read More

+ Precision Machining

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ITM invests in the latest technology, equipment and training to provide optimum machining capabilities to meet the manufacturing and research industry’s demands for quality, precision and performance. Read More

+ Material Handling

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The automated movement, control and management of goods through the manufacturing, packaging and storage processes provides significant cost benefits to the production and distribution of products. Read More

+ Tooling


Whether supporting an ITM-developed production system, a customer-designed specialized tool or duplication of an existing device, ITM has the capability, experience and equipment to meet our customer’s exacting requirements. Read More