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Today's manufacturing environment demands quality, repeatability, reliability and efficiency in the production process. ITM has been an industry leader in the application of automation for manufacturing. ITM's design and manufacturing team provides integrated solutions to meet our customers' production requirements with cost and time-efficient systems. Our innovative systems are developed to meet our customers' unique product and production requirements while providing a platform that can be operated and maintained within the customer's existing resources. Whether the process solution merely requires a pneumatic-actuated device or a fully automated, "lights-out" production cell, ITM's team provides a full assessment of the production requirements, the product requirements and the associated manufacturing processes needed to provide a fully integrated solution that will provide a prompt return on your investment. Our innovative solutions have included process control systems, laser & ultrasonic welding applications, dispensing, filling, curing, bonding, marking, assembly, screwdriving, coating/plating, labeling, part orienting/feeding/insertion, inspection, sorting, measurement, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, actuation, testing, data recording & collection, and more...

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