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The application of automation to the production process has become essential as products and manufacturing processes become more complex. The demand for repeatability, reliability and consistency of manufactured goods as well as the increased complexity and higher production rates of today's manufacturing environment have been instrumental in the development of automation in manufacturing. A significant portion of today's manufacturing requirements are not suitable for manual processes. Coupled with the cost of labor and the declining cost of automation devices, the application of automation and robotics for production applications has provided significant benefits. Providing precision, speed, repeatability and flexibility, robotic systems afford a viable solution to current manufacturing demands. Robotic systems provide significant flexibility to meet changing product and production requirements.

ITM has nearly two decades of experience in the application of automation for improved process control and production efficiency. Our projects have included various applications ranging from Cartesian, SCARA and multi-axis (e.g., 4-, 6-axis) robotic systems tailored to meet the needs of the specific application. Whether the automated application is material handling, palletizing, sorting, deburring, assembly, welding, hazardous environment or high speed processing demands, ITM has extensive experience in the development of turn-key solutions to meet our customer's unique process requirements. Our technical design staff is experienced in the development and integration of a variety of automation devices, control systems and application programming platforms to ensure our customers' production and support expectations are exceeded. In addition, ITM is currently an ABB Robotics Strategic Partner and develops integrated solutions as part of ABB's robotic integrator program.

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