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A key element to the advancement of automation and technology within manufacturing is the verification of both processes and products during production. An innovator in the application of various technologies for inspection, ITM has also been instrumental in the development of new inspection techniques to meet the increased demands of today’s automated production requirements. As a provider of turn-key production systems, ITM is able to evaluate the various inspection requirements and determine the proper solution for the specific need, including robot positioning, part alignment, dimensional inspection, equipment/product positioning, fault detection, incomplete/improper parts or assembly, marking, color, labeling, dimensional verification, orientation, defect detection, bar code & human readable marking, process verification, chemical consistency, temperature/force/pressure monitoring, weight, size, profile, etc. ITM is experienced in the application of a variety of sensors for monitoring of production processes, including vision, laser (including 3D profiling), thermal, barcode and optical scanning, displacement, scales, etc. as well as the development and integration of the specialized software applications needed to perform these inspections at high speed production rates. In addition, ITM is capable of integrating these inspection requirements into a turnkey production process that includes the management of non-compliant materials and processes in real-time.
As an approved integrator for the leading manufacturer of vision systems, ITM is also able to draw upon their resources for the evaluation of new technologies to address unique inspection requirements.

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