For over 80 years, ITM has provided Innovation, Technology and Machinery for the Manufacturing Industry, as well as Research & Development organizations and Educational institutions. Our capabilities apply advanced technologies and techniques to meet the manufacturing industry's on-going needs for increased productivity while supporting an ever-increasing product complexity. Always on the leading edge of technology, ITM provides innovative solutions to our customer's unique manufacturing and research requirements. Our effective, systems-oriented solutions have provided our customers complete manufacturing and production lines, individual process cells and specialized tooling, jigs or fixtures to meet their unique requirements. ITM does not try to fit a "catalog" solution to meet our customers' unique needs. As a result, we are able to assess your project needs in the context of providing the optimum turn-key solution for your unique product, process and production requirements, while affording you the opportunity to integrate current technology and processes into your system.

ITM provides a full range of Design, Development, Manufacture and Integration capabilities.

Vertically integrated, ITM provides complete turn-key design, manufacture, integration, installation and training for our projects under one roof. This provides full resource and schedule control of a project's design and production, as well as prompt responsiveness to customer's changing product and production requirements.

Our in-house resources include:

  • Production, Process and Conceptual System Design
  • Inter-discipline design and application experience with complex electro-mechanical automation systems
  • Turn-key Process and Assembly Systems for both automated and manual applications
  • Robotic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical and Control Systems development and production
  • Design and Fabrication of Tooling, Fixtures, Molds, Components, etc.
  • Reverse design analysis of existing systems and equipment for improved performance, supportability and application to new product requirements
  • Turn-key concept development, System mechanical/electrical/software design, manufacture, integration and installation of production systems.
  • All System design and application program development is performed by ITM's experienced design staff.

Our In-house Design and Development Resources include:

  • Prototype design and development
  • Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Automated Process Control and Robotic Systems Design
  • Specialized Fixturing, including Robotic End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)
  • Vision and Laser-based Inspection Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • PC and PLC-based automated process control systems and equipment design
  • High & Low Pressure Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems design

As a Turn-Key Design and Production Facility, ITM Possesses Extensive Manufacturing Capability

To support our Systems development projects as well as provide precision machining support for our customers, ITM possesses an extensive capital equipment production capability, including

  • 9 CNC Multi-axis Machining Centers, including a 5-axis system
  • 2 CNC Milling Machines
  • 4 CNC Lathes
  • 1 CNC Router
  • 8 Conventional Mills
  • 7 Conventional Lathes
  • 2 Surface Grinders
  • TIG, MIG, Stick and Gas Welding, plus
  • Miscellaneous Support Equipment

As part of our recent expansion, ITM now possesses a 15,000 sq ft Systems integration facility co-located with our 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility to meet our customers' growing demands.